Love Bet (2015) (en)

Love Bet 2015
  • Original title: Aposta que Amas
  • Evaluation: 0 (Votes: 0)
  • Release date 2015-12-14 (2015)

Love Bet Download - On her birthday, Lara discovers that her boyfriend Miguel has an affair with her best friend Anna. Her world collapses and moved by an act of rage and spite, she decides to post a video online shouting to the world how she is feeling. At the same time Simão and Salvador are at home with some friends and watch Lara’s video. Recognizing such vehemence and despite within her broken heart, Simão challenges Salvador to a bet: he has 13 days to conquer Lara’s heart. 13 days to make her fall in love with him. Salvador accepts the challenge and starts the conquest, but cupid’s arrow backfires and he ends up falling deeply in love with her. Simão does not like to lose and will do his best to get them apart…
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